Kerak Telor

kerak telor

Kerak telor is Betawi traditional food made from white glutinous rice, chicken or duck egg, ebi (dried shrimp marinated), fried onion, then given a refined flavor of roasted coconut, red chilies, kencur, ginger, pepper, salt, and sugar. Kerak telor many found in Jakarta, capital of Indonesia, but not just in Jakarta, kerak telor seller also found in Bandung precisely near Gedung Sate. Kerak telor seller usualy cook kerak telor using anglo (such a burner that uses charcoal as fuel).
See seller makes kerak telor is an interesting thing, because in addition to using traditional cooking utensils, kerak telor seller also cooking with deftly. If you want to know about how to make kerak telor, watch this video, I hope it can help you to know more about kerak telor.

How to Make Kerak Telor

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