Don Gorske The Big Mac Man Eats 25000th Big Mac

Don Gorske
Photo Credit: Patrick Flood/ AP

Don Gorske or famous called as "Big Mac Man" is the holder of Guiness World Record for the Most Big Macs eaten. Don Gorske who also is a retired prison guard with age 57 eats his 25000th Big Mac at McDonalds in Wisconsin. His 25000th Big Mac makes he get the new record, after the previous Guiness World Record was also achieved by Don Gorske a few years ago.
He eat his first Big Mac is when 39 years ago precisely on May 17, 1972 when he celebrates the purchase of his new car, he buy three Big Macs and after feel the Big Macs he back again to McDonalds on the current day and eating nine burgers. Until now he has eaten the 25000 hamburger created by McDonalds. He usually eats two Big Macs a day and he said he would continue until he die.
I wondering why he still looks slim even though he has eats 25000 Big Macs on 39 years. Very awesome his love for Big Macs, ever Don Gorske get bored to eat Big Macs?

Source: world record academy
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