Bakpia is traditional food from Yogyakarta, but in other places in Indonesia called Pia. Bakpia is a traditional cuisine that made from a mixture of green beans  and sugar wrapped in a flour dough and then baked. Bakpia actually is not really original from Yogyakarta, but Bakpia is from China. In China, Bakpia real name is Tou Luk Pia, which means cake with meat contents. That's what makes bakpia from Yogyakarta have different taste with Tou Luk Pia from China. Bakpia have sweet taste like many other Yogyakarta traditional cuisine. In 1948 Bakpia began produced in the Pathuk Village, Yogyakarta.
Bakpia Indonesia traditional food culinaryNow many brands that sell bakpia spread all over the city of Yogyakarta. As the growing of bakpia industry, this cuisine have a variety of flavor like chocolate, pineapple, cheese, durian.
Many tourist who come to Yogyakarta, buy this traditional food as a souvenir. Bakpia feels more delicious when eaten while drinking a cup of bitter hot tea.
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