Mochi Japanese Traditional Food
Mochi is Japanese traditional food made of glutinous rice. To make mochi glutinous rice is pounded so the rice becomes soft and sticky. Mochi have relationship with Japanese culture, traditional ceremony that made mochi called mochitsuki. When mochitsuki people made mochi with traditional equipment, to pound use kine (wooden mallets) and the mochi rice put in an usu (a traditional mortar). Other than to eat, mochi also useful as New Year's decoration that called kagamimochi.
Mochi can be made into various kinds of cuisine like zoni (mochi soup), shiruko (sweet bean mochi soup), isobe maki (grilled rice cake with dried nori and soysauce dip), mochi ice cream. Mochi is not only known in Japan but also known in Hawaii, Taiwan, and Thailand.
Mochi similiar with klepon, Indonesian traditional food in the shape and that also made of glutinous rice.
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